Songtexte: J. Williams. Ghetto Flower.

Wahhh yehh!...

She's rough when she gotta be,
Love when she takes charge of me,
Give my baby confidence to be
What she wants to be, flyest chick
On the block
With the golden glow I see, got them boys on lock I see
Gangstah chick
She's my ghetto queen
Tight top & baggy jeans, exactly what I need in a woman
She gives me satisfaction
She's my ride or die, got my back
Type a girl and that's a fact
She's my ghetto woman

[Chorus: x2]
My ghetto flower
That's how I know it should be
My ghetto flower
Holding it down in the streets
My ghetto flower
That's how I know it should be
My ghetto flower, my ghetto flower

Taking care of her own
Strength of a rolling stone
Educated sister
And she street watch, just like a pro
Soo much guys, during days at the office
But when she comes home
We be kicking down
Like no one's business
Suit by day...
Jeans by night...
She's a straight up diva
Living undercover
A trraffic, stopping, ghetto flower
Ain't no other, can come closer
To my ghetto lover...

[Chorus x2]

She's my homie
My one and only, my bonnie & clyde
I'll love her til I die
She's my beauty queen, she's my everything
I'll put my life on the line
Just to make her happy
I don't wanna see you cry
I just wanna make her shine
And I'm gonna
Show the world your mine...

J. Williams