Songtexte: Týr. Land.

Homeland we're leaving, we are retreiving
Our right to stand alone, we cannot stay here
Fear not what must be, we must cross the sea
On our own
standing alone
Always we got by on our own.
Under stormy skies through rain, wind and raging sea
Head into the Unknow, leave behind.
Bonds that may bind, circumstance that keep us behind
Rise to meet the day hold high torches passed throught time.
Fear not what you might find.

Ver sterk min sal a l[]ldu nattarvakt
Har eingi altarjos til gudar brenna
Har hv[] ein von av fannkava var takt
Og hjarta ongan hita meir kann kenna
Ver stor min sal sum rumdar kalda t[]gn
I? eina er, ta sloknar livsins s[]gn.

Roads are long and oceans far and wide
Nights are cold and skies are dark and gray
Ride the autumn wind and evening tide
Time is long and land is far away
Out on the sea
Waitng for me
Storms are raging violently
Still we sail on silently.
We seek to tame the torrents and tides
Master the Mights
Sail with me across the raging sea
Write your tale into eternity
Still we've sighted only sea till now
As we sail I sometimes wonder how
Rest in the twilight, I have gained insight
Since the deeds of younger days
Now I'm wiser, raise my eyes gaze across the sea
And recall when we sailed away
Sought a new way
How I longed for far far away
In the sun set glow
I dreamt of another